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Caving is done for scientific research or just for fun and we are doing it from last many years for fun. There are lots of things to see underground which you won't see anywhere else. Cave formations known as "pretties" cover the ceiling and floors in many colors and shades. Caving can involve climbing, crawling, chimneying, and even rappelling. Plus there are several types of cave trips: "sport" caving, surveying, and photo trips. Each cave and cave trip offers a unique experience. Balochistan is full with hundreds of caves and they are totally unexplored but sadly due to country law & order situation many of the caves in this region are still un-explored.

Pakistan's Longest Cave: Pir Ghaib Gharr Gharra. Balochistan, 1,275 M

Pakistan's Deepest Cave: Kach Gharra.(Juniper shaft Cave) Balochistan, 131 M

Pakistan's Single Chamber Largest Cave: Murghaghull Gharra, Balochistan, 576 M

Let us take you into this fascinating underground world and teach you how to enjoy this hobby safely and with respect for the cave environment. There are lots of caves to visit within a short drive from Islamabad near khan pur and few caves can be explored in northerner areas of Pakistan. We offer caving in mostly winter season, but we can arrange corporate events in summers too. You can either customize your event or can join our events, do subscribe for our Free SMS Portal service to get the latest updates of each of our event.

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