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We welcome you to the world of FALCONITE TOURS privilege loyalty card. FALCONITE TOURS Loyalty Management System is a significant tool to reward its customers' loyalty through attractive incentives. Card holder will benefit exclusive bonus points on their transaction that can be redeemed by participating in any of the tour of FAC. Customer can increase its point by participating in any of the event of FAC.

  • On the usage of 10,000Rs on any of our TOURS or on any other activity, this card will be offered to them at free of cost.


  • Card holders are given 1 bonus for every Rs. 100/- spent, 1 point is worth Rs 10/- in the beginning and keeps growing with successive accumulation of points.

Terms & Conditions

You may join us at any of our event or activity with discount rates, if your leisure serves and you may customize your event.

  • Loyalty card can be used on all the tours of Falconite throughout the year.
  • Card is non-transferable.
  • Only the card holder can redeemed the points by showing the original CNIC card.
  • Minimum 150 points are required for redemption.
  • Card will remain active with a minimum usage of Rs. 10,000/- in a year.
  • Loyalty card is not valid on any other ongoing promotions.
  • All the members of Falcon Adventure Club cannot use loyalty card along with the discount over the membership card. One offer can be redeemed at one time.
  • No cash value will be entertained in exchange with the points.
  • In case of Expiry or Lost card points can be transferred to the replacement card via the card adjustment.
  • The expiry date of the card would be 3 years.
  • This card is not valid for Paragliding.
  • Loss or theft of card must be reported immediately at Falcon Adventure Club, Head Office. The new card will be issued at a cost of Rs. 500/- (processing Charges).

In case of any query, feel free to ask [email protected]

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