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Covid19 Precautions on our tours

Corona Virus Alert: Seating Arrangements: Keep in mind the spread of Corona Virus, Management of falcon Club has decided to restrict the accommodation upto 80% capacity in van/coaster only. If you are traveling with your family then the next person who sits you will be your family member. and if you are traveling individually then we will use the 20% extra space to keep that seat vacant or atleast a gap of one seat between 2 Participants. Room arrangements: The person who will sit next to you in vehicle will also share a room with you. Maximum 3 Pax in a room or 1 family will share one room Safety: We will provide 1 Mask to each person daily, and sanitizer will also be available in van. Gloves will also be available with tour guide. During the tour we will make sure that we avoid social gatherings in the night to stop the spread. It’s a tough time for each one of us. We strongly recommend you to follow the guidelines. Cost: Cost of the tours will remain unchanged.