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The most fun you can have without feathers.

When you sign up to learn with FALCON ADVENTURE CLUB , we are making a commitment with you that you will learn the paragliding and find this activity very addictive and entertaining and Paragliding is a safe sport if practiced within limits. The inherent dangers are minimized when good judgment is practiced. You will find great support from our certified instructors and a group of people who will welcome you to the “community” as family! I must say, one of the best benefits from paragliding is the friends you will make: a strong bond with those who share the air Experience the thrill of being disconnected from the ground and share the third dimension with the eagles. Feel the freedom of soaring the air. FAC offers many training sessions ranging from one to four days professional training courses. FAC is all out to remove the negative perception about Para gliding in Pakistan as under:

  • It is the easiest and the safest sport to learn.
  • It is not the sport of elite class only. Anybody can do it.
  • It does not ask for huge sums of amount to be spent.
  • It does not ask for more than three days training to learn the basic techniques of Paragliding.

Charges of Para gliding training session depends on the number of days and the services we offer for the event. We offer paragaliding training session from October to March season only. You can customize your tour plan or can join our events, do subscribe for our Free SMS Portal service to get the latest updates of our events happening in Pakistan.

Main points of paragliding are at Khan pur, kalarkahar range, and peer chansai


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