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The friendly relationship between mountains and human is as old as the history itself.

Satiate your thirst for adventure in the beautiful lush green meadows and snow covered mountains of Pakistan. Immerse yourself in a land which is rich in History, Culture and adventure. Imagine viewing the world’s most gigantic mountain ranges of Pakistan and hike in the forests where winds and water sing together. Our all trekking and hiking expeditions are led by the expert trekking guides.

The landscape of Pakistan is varied. In the south natural features range from sandy beaches, lagoons and mangrove swamps. In the west dry hilly deserts are found and to the east are the rolling sand dunes of the Thar Desert. World highest mountain ranges are found in Pakistan and even you can see these ranges from one single point near Gilgit city, which include Himalaya, Karakorum and the Hindukash. Falcon Adventure Club arranges these trekking and hiking tours throughout the year in almost all the areas of Pakistan. You can even arrange customized trekking expeditions which would be led by our professional guides. We offer treks to eternal snow, virgin lakes, glaciers and jungle of peaks which provide you adventure and excitement. Every year we organizes 50+ trekking events in different locations of Pakistan, even we offer corporate packages for the trekking. The best season for trekking in Pakistan is summer, however the participants can also join us for snow hike in winter season. Trekking is considered as the best team building adventure sports.

We offer student, Economical and deluxe packages for the trekking, you can either customize your event package or you can join us on any of our event. Do subscribe for our Free SMS Portal service to stay tuned for the latest events happening in your city.

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