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Desi and Continental food.

What to eat

Pakistani food is rich with traditions of Mughal’s, Turks, The Central Asians and the Iranian, therefore having a rich flavour. Several local restaurants serves the authentic Pakistani dishes, Meat, fish and vegetables enriched with a combination of various spices. Specifically, the most famous is the grilled barbecue.

    Common Dishes:

  • Seekh-Kabab (minced meat grilled on skewer)
  • Shami-Kabab (minced meat)
  • Tikka (barbecued mutton, beef or chicken)
  • Karahi (mutton, beef and chicken meat)
  • Saji (Barbecued leg of lamb)
  • Pakistani mutton and chicken curries
  • The oriental rice dish called Palau, are also popular among the local and foreigners.

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